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Since completing my PhD at University College London in 2013, I’ve taught at prestigious English universities including Oxford, UCL, Bristol, Royal Holloway, and Leeds.

I’ve also developed an innovative research profile at the intersection of the disciplines of Classics and modern intellectual history, exploring how the memory of ancient Greece and Rome has informed some of modernity’s most influential thinkers.

Among other topics, I’ve written about Nietzsche, psychoanalysis, literary modernism, philosophy, theatre history, art, and literature.

I am also an expert in postcolonial receptions of ancient literature, by authors and thinkers including Wole Soyinka, Aimé Césaire, and Frantz Fanon. I believe strongly in the importance of expanding the readership of classical literature and understanding the powerful role it has played in discussions about racial and cultural identities beyond the boundaries of Europe.

I am currently working on a book for Bloomsbury entitled Wole Soyinka: Hybrid Classicisms, which will explore how the Nigerian Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka has used appeals to Greece and Rome to structure his discussions of tragedy, religion, and the African past. I am also working on essays on the topic of ‘Rejecting the Classics’, the classical reception of David Foster Wallace, and the experience of visiting the Parthenon.

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