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Writing can be difficult; it’s not always simple to communicate what you want to say in an essay, article, or book manuscript. Whatever the problem, I can help.

What I love 

You'll benefit from my extensive experience of successful academic publishing and teaching.

I love writing, reading, and editing: I’ve got extensive experience of successful academic publishing, teaching at school and university levels, and working with authors at different stages of their academic journey.

What I believe

Everybody has the capacity for original and sophisticated thinking
about the topics that inspire them.

Often all you need is a fresh set of eyes and a sympathetic conversation to produce writing that will make you proud and excite your readers. This is what inspired me to set up this service.


Editing a manuscript written by a non-native speaker is an arduous task, as it requires not only prudence in order not to change the meaning of what the author is trying to say, but also flexibility so as not to change too much their way of saying it. Adam was a careful editor, who not only immediately grasped what my text meant but also proposed alternatives to express my ideas in a more precise, economical, and elegant manner. I would recommend without hesitation Adam Lecznar's editing service.

Professor of ancient philosophy

Lecznar’s volume is a rare volume because of the excellence of his ideas and the quality of research and writing. It masterfully shows how our life is shaped by modernity’s appropriation of an ancient Greek heritage.

Marina MarrenPhD, Classical Review.

Adam is an inspirational, knowledgeable, and caring teacher. He is a passionate educator and a fantastic communicator who is committed to helping students like me achieve their best. Adam played an instrumental role in helping me to secure funding for my PhD programme. He not only helped me to develop my ideas but also suggested important edits that strengthened my application. Adam's willingness to go above and beyond for his students epitomises his exceptional qualities as a teacher and academic.

Former Student

Adam Lecznar – Writer and editor

“I have set up this service because I believe passionately that everybody has the capacity for original and sophisticated thinking about the topics that inspire them. “

My background is in Classics and the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, but my research and writing have ranged widely in modern literature, philosophy, and culture.

I’m an active academic author, and I use that life experience to help my clients formulate their ideas in a way that’s clear and engaging, so they get the recognition they deserve.

Based in London I have access to the finest research libraries in the world, and I use this to provide unparalleled service.

Whether you’re an undergraduate who is feeling stuck with your essays, a postgraduate looking to develop your ideas, or someone with a book manuscript that needs proofreading before submission to the press, I want to hear from you.

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Teaching experience

At prestigious English universities including Oxford, UCL, Bristol, Royal Holloway, and Leeds.